What is Hello Metaverse

Hello Metaverse aims to be the go-to destination for all things Metaverse. We bring you a seamless VR experience that allows you to witness the Metaverse first-hand in stunning detail. Join us in exploring the Metaverse!

About the Company

Hello Metaverse is a Japan-India joint venture that develops next-generation Metaverse games.

Established in July 2022 in Gujarat, India, jointly invested by Indian game production company ZATUN and Japanese entertainment contents production company Hello Freedom.

Hello Metaverse was established to carry out comprehensive production in the Metaverse, centering on the planning, development, and expression capabilities that both companies have cultivated. Combining the latest technologies such as blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrency, AI, and IoT with the Metaverse, a new domain that goes beyond the Internet, has the potential to make the world even more fun.

Hello Metaverse takes on the challenge of embodying new possibilities hidden in the Metaverse.

The Team Behind the Business

Takatoshi Iwashita

He established Hello Space Co. (Kumamoto, Japan) in 2018. He invented and applied for patents for “superconducting energy storage system and platform for electric vehicles “, and “electric assist bicycle.” Developing the 1st product, “Self-Charging Smart E-bike,” as of 2022. “http://smartebike.co.”

In 2022, he carved out the VR business of Hello Space and established Hello Freedom by having a comprehensive business tie-up with JVC Kenwood Group. Hello Freedom works with creators worldwide to provide music, videos, computer graphics, VR models, metaverse live events, apps, games, etc., to top Japanese artists and labels.

He previously worked in management and international business development.

Abhinav Chokhavatia

He has over 20 years of experience in the video game industry. As an entrepreneur, Abhinav has rapidly and sustainably brought companies to market while bringing world-class creativity to his enterprise for over a decade.

Today, he runs Zatun, which has grown into a world-renowned brand in the video game industry.

Zatun develops its IPs as well as does work-for-hire. Zatun has collaborated on more than 250 leading game titles with over 300 clients, ranging from big AAA developers to small indie studios.

Zatun has developed 20+ games for various platforms – from the first game, “The Legend of Vraz,” for PC in 2010 to the upcoming game “Down and Out” for Steam VR, Meta Quest/Rift S, and PSVR.

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